Live music review

The Rolling Stones at Jazz Fest 2024

Thu, 05/02/24
The Rolling Stones played at Jazz Fest today! It was a wonderful set filled with special moments from the world's biggest rock band. The legendary Irma Thomas joined The Rolling Stones onstage for a fantastic performance of 'Time Is On My Side,' a song she originally record... Read more

Jon Batiste performs at Newport Jazz Fest 2023

Mon, 08/14/23
Authored by Keith Hill
On Saturday, August 5, 2023. At the annual Newport Jazz Festival, Jon Batiste closed the Fort Stage. Jon assembled his big band for the show. With all the band members dressed in classic black and white. Jon entered the stage sporting a bright red tuxedo with a big smile a... Read more

The Deslondes at Newport Folk Fest

Fri, 08/15/14
Authored by Carrie Booher
Proud to share some good news from the continually up-and-coming New Orleans country-folk scene that’s blossomed from the 9th Ward. Local country soulsters, The Deslondes, hit the stage at the historic and renowned Newport Folk Festival a couple weeks ago following their a... Read more

Another Great Ponderosa Stomp

Wed, 10/09/13
Authored by Danielle Dietze
This year's Ponderosa Stomp featured "Architects of American Music" including the likes of The Sonics, Swamp Dogg, Ty Wagner, Gaunga Dyns, and plenty more. Apart from the live concert over the weekend, the Stomp also featured a Record Show and Music History Conference hoste... Read more

Joy of Jazz: Revisited

Thu, 08/29/13
Authored by Russell Shelton
I have found the South African Michael Jackson.  Well, ok, not entirely…  However the man definitely knew how to strike a pose.  Aside from that, Selaelo Selota had a powerful presence that cannot be ignored.  While conducting his drummer’s every accent, Selota also summone... Read more

Live Music Everyday. Day 1 of 30.

Mon, 10/22/12
Authored by Ms Smalls
Today is day 1 of my 30 day commitment to seeing live music everyday. I see a lot of music but I think I can step it up and see at least one live set a day, every day. No matter what. I intend to be deliberately diverse, seeing things that I would not normally see, what peo... Read more

The Voice that stopped my heart - Dax Riggs in New Orleans

Sun, 08/21/11
  False prophets, or rather, critics label Dax Riggs with words like “dark”, “morbid”, “goth” but maybe they are confused by his album titles such as “We Sing of Only Blood or Love” or song titles such as “I Hear Satan“.   I see him more as an angel crying out of the the da... Read more

King Britt returns to the Kitchen Sink Wednesday January 26 at 11:00 P.M.

Mon, 01/24/11
Join us on the Kitchen Sink 10 to 12 Show Wednesday January 26th at 11 o'clock for our very special guest King Britt.In 2005, Philadelphia-based DJ and Producer King Britt released a sonic re-interpretation of the 1968 recordings of Sister Gertrude Morgan. Remastered just t... Read more

Tribute to Idris Muhammad with Donald Harrison & Congo Square Nation

Sat, 11/13/10
Authored by Mike Kobrin
On Thursday, November 11, a room full of music lovers and jazz greats alike converged on Loyola University's Roussel Hall to celebrate and the life and work of legendary drummer Idris Muhammad, whose accomplishments and contributions to music throughout his life have helped... Read more

Listening to the music

Wed, 08/18/10
Authored by Murf Reeves
Caught some great music last night. First up, Matt Perrine, Paul Sanchez and John Rankin at the Columns hotel. I believe John Rankin has a regular gig at the Columns( don't hold me to that) but on this night, he had two accomplices elevating the music to an even better le... Read more

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