Takin' It to the Streets interviews

Takin' It to the Streets episodes containing an interview.

Dumaine Street Gang Second Line Parade

Wed, 09/14/22
Dumaine St. Gang at Jazz Fest [Photo by Eli Mergel] START N. Villere & St. Phillip (Trene Center). Proceed up N. Villere St. to Dumaine Street, take a RIGHT. "SALUTING MEMBERS AT REST" Continue up Dumaine Street to N. Claiborne. Turn LEFT to Orleans Ave. Turn RIGHT. Conti... Read more

Men & Lady Buckjumpers Second Line

Wed, 09/14/22
Get the route sheet and hear our interview with Lady Buckjumpers' Linda Tapp Porter with this week's Takin' It To The Streets guest host, India Sever. Read more

Family Ties Second Line Parade

Wed, 09/14/22
Hear our interview with Family Ties' Albert Haywood as he discusses the close-knit nature of Family Ties, the club’s origin and how they help the community year-round, this year’s parade, and much more. Read more

Young Men Olympians Second Line Parade

Wed, 09/14/22
Young Men Olympians step out this Sunday at 1pm CT for their first second line parade back since 2019! YMO President Norman Dixon got on the phone with WWOZ's Maryse Dejean, this week's Takin' It To The Streets guest host, to discuss what this year's parade and much more. Read more

17th annual Katrina March and Second Line

Fri, 08/26/22
August 29th is the 17-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Stand in solidarity with the Gulf Coast communities who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina and experience the joy and beauty of this annual commemoration and Second Line organized by the Hip Hop Caucus and New Orl... Read more

Valley of Silent Men Second Line Parade

Wed, 08/10/22
THE VALLEY of SILENT MEN SOCIAL AID & PLEASURE CLUB 37th Annual Parade Sunday August 28, 2022 3pm - 7pm DEDICATED to Leon "BamBam" Anderson Sr., Catina Gaines & Action Jackson, John West, Larry Mazant   START (Tapp's) 2800 Rocheblave St. Cont. down Washington Ave to Clai... Read more

Men Of Power Community Peace Walk & March

Mon, 06/13/22
START at 2401 Annette St. & N. Rocheblave St. with a PRAYER. Proceed up N. Rocheblave St. to Allen St. & STOP on the corner N. Rocheblave St.  & Allen St. to PRAY & EVANGELIZE on the corner for 5 minutes.  Continue to proceed down N. Rocheblave St. to St. Bernard Ave.  STO... Read more

Divine Ladies Second Line Parade

Mon, 01/10/22
Divine Ladies at Jazz Fest 2017 [Photo by Eli Mergel] START AS ALWAYS: St. Charles & Jackson Avenues. Proceed down St. Charles Ave., to Washington Ave., RIGHT turn on Washington Ave., to Baronne St. STOP Verret's Bar & Lounge (Pickup: KING 2022, MR. DIVINE 2022 & COURTS). ... Read more

Ole & Nu Style Fellas Second Line Parade

Mon, 01/10/22
Ole & Nu Style Fellas at Jazz Fest 2017 [Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee] START CTC Steppers SAPC @ Treme Center (900 N. Villere St.). Up N. Villere to Dumaine. RIGHT on Dumaine St. to Claiborne. RIGHT on Claiborne. STOP Kermit's Mother-In-Law Lounge (1500 Claiborne Ave). Con... Read more

Pigeon Town Steppers Second Line Parade

Mon, 01/10/22
Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee START Big Man Lounge (2916 Louisiana Ave). Continue down Louisiana Ave. to Claiborne Ave. Turn RIGHT on Claiborne to Toledano St. Turn LEFT on Toledano to Washington Ave. to Galvez St. STOP Jazz It Up Bar, pick up The Ladies (4201 Washington A... Read more

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