Recipe: Tasso Pasta

Mon, 02/24/20
Tasso--cajun cured pork shoulder--has great flavor that works well with a rich sauce, as in this pasta recipe, which also includes tomatoes, cream, and Pecorino-Romano. Note: Some tasso is sold with a layer of spice mix caked on the outer surface, as described in the proce... Read more

Recipe: Bloody Marys by the Gallon

Thu, 02/06/20
Day drinking occasions, like Mardi Gras parades and music festivals, seem to call for bloody marys. For your next such event, forgo the manufactured bloody mary mix and express yourself! There's a a lot of room for culinary inspiration in bloody mary recipes. For your main ... Read more

Recipe: Green Chile

Thu, 12/26/19
Here's something new for your playoff tailgating or chilly-day parade food. This recipe blends aspects of green chile as made in New Mexico, in which the "green" comes largely from the green New Mexican chile pepper, and verde, one of the seven moles of Oaxaca, Mexico, wher... Read more

Recipe: Shrimp & Corn Bisque

Mon, 12/09/19
Winter's cold, even in Louisiana. So here's something to warm you up. A key to a good bisque is to have tasty stock, so we take the time here to make one from shrimp shells and heads. It's great if you can use fresh corn but not at all necessary, given the richness of the ... Read more

Recipe: Homemade Cranberry Sauce, Louisiana-style

Fri, 11/01/19
Some people have a sentimental attachment to canned cranberry sauce for the holidays. If you'd like to go in a different (and less gelatinous) direction, it's not hard to make cranberry sauce from scratch. It will contain recognizable cranberries, and you can add flavor to ... Read more

Recipe: Shrimp Sauce Piquante

Fri, 10/11/19
Sauce Piquante, with its distinct pepper flavor and heat, is a versatile component of many traditional Louisiana meat and fish dishes. Without too much looking, you can find versions featuring venison, snapping turtle, frog legs, quail, duck, and alligator (the latter avail... Read more

Recipe: Jerk Chicken Wings

Wed, 09/11/19
Here's a new way to make your next batch of wings. The term "jerk" refers to both a seasoning mix (with lots of characteristically Jamaican ingredients like thyme, allspice, and scotch bonnet peppers) and a style of cooking (long, slow, low heat barbecue). Only meat that s... Read more

Recipe: Shrimp Étouffée

Wed, 04/03/19
Here's a classic version of this Creole favorite, just in time for Lent. Similar to the crawfish variety, shrimp étouffée is generally lighter, as crawfish tails are packed in their own fat. The recipe is of the straightforward "first you make a roux" Louisiana variety. Jus... Read more

Recipe: Fresh Peach Pie

Sat, 07/27/19
This fancy fresh peach pie is like your best summertime memories, baked into a classic double crust and served with a scoop of vanilla. It wraps ripe seasonal peaches, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sweetness in a delicate and flaky French butter crust. The whole pie takes two stic... Read more

Recipe: Roasted Peppers

Sat, 07/06/19
This recipe is a great alternative to stuffed peppers as a way to use up all those summertime bell peppers. It turns them into a handy and useful form, ready to be added to sandwiches, served as a side dish, or as a ready-make pasta sauce. They'll last in refrigerator for a... Read more

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