Recipe: No-Churn Espresso Ice Cream

Fri, 07/07/23
This is a surprisingly simple (& seasonally appropriate!!) way to make ice cream from scratch without an ice cream maker.  All you need is blender, a loaf pan, and a freezer. And you could use a mixer rather than a blender if you prefer.  The churning action in an ice cream... Read more

Recipe: Ginger Salad from Mister Mao

Mon, 06/05/23
It's hot outside, so here's a crispy, cool salad full of spicy  fun from Mister Mao. It's very different take on the salad, including fried chickpeas, tamarind chutney, currants, and sunflower seeds along with more traditional crunchy vegetables like carrots, pepper, and ca... Read more

Recipe: Crawfish Cracked Potatoes

Wed, 05/10/23
Nothing says NOLA like crawfish! This recipe has tasty crawfish tails (you can use fresh or frozen), crispy air-fried potatoes and a cayenne-cheddar mornay sauce, giving a perfect bite every time. This recipe comes to us from Chef/Owner Brian Landry of Jack Rose, located at... Read more

Recipe: Shrimp Piri-Piri

Sat, 04/08/23
This recipe has a Portuguese-SE African history, combining European ingredients like olive oil and garlic with fresh prawns and dried chiles native to coastal east Africa. It's Mozambique's national dish. It's not for the faint of pallate. This shrimp piri-piri is hot, cont... Read more

Recipe: Green Onion and Potato Soup

Sun, 01/15/23
This is recipe with many virtues. Foremost, it hits the spot in this chilly season. For instance: before or after a night parade. It's also fast & easy. It's cheap too, perfect for these inflationary times. Finally, it's adaptable. The version presented here is pretty rusti... Read more

Recipe: Banana Pudding

Sun, 12/11/22
No introduction needed for this classic of Southern cooking, always popular at all kinds of family gatherings, holidays & otherwise. Here are two versions, an old-school cooked version, and an easy, no-bake version. The latter suitable for kids' and other kitchen novices. ... Read more

RECIPE: Cranberry-Jalapeño-Lime Salsa

Sun, 11/13/22
This dish is a fresh take on traditional holiday cranberries. It's a grown-up upgrade from the can of jellied stuff (which some of us still love, regardless).  Make this the night before, at least. It really helps for the flavors to blend together for a little while. And a... Read more

Recipe: Green Curry Shrimp

Mon, 09/19/22
This is a Thai-style curry made with green curry paste, which you can make yourself (recipe below) or buy in store.  The recipe calls for canned coconut milk, which is widely available in the Asian (and Latin) sections of grocery stores. If you've never used it, you'll fin... Read more

Recipe: Blackened Shrimp

Sat, 07/09/22
This is a quick & easy shrimp treatment. It makes awesome shrimp tacos or shrimp salads, and it's great even with just some simple white rice. Or serve on toothpicks as a spicy hors d'oeuvre.  You could make it even easier by purchasing pre-made blackening seasoning, of wh... Read more

Recipe: Cheese Grits Soufflé

Mon, 06/13/22
This recipe is an unusual combination of European haute cuisine (soufflé) and an earthy Southern staple (grits). It's hearty and vegetarian, and it screams "brunch." It's also pretty easy--grits create structure, so it's less finicky than cheese or chocolate soufflés. A ver... Read more

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