Mardi Gras Indians

History of the Creole Wild West

Tue, 05/20/08
The History of the Creole Wild West "as told by themselves," is only part of an evening that will feature a performance by the oldest Mardi Gras Indian tribe, followed by a panel discussion with members that will be moderated by Dr. Bruce Raeburn of the Hogan Jazz Archive a... Read more

Mardi Gras Indians

Fri, 02/15/08
Authored by Tom Morgan
A short history of the Mardi Gras Indians music and remembrances of the Wild Magnolia's first recordings with Willie Tee and John Sinclair's 30 years of observing the tribe. Read more

Mardi Gras 2008

Wed, 01/23/08
Our Live Mardi Gras Coverage WWOZ show hosts are out there enjoying Carnival 2008. Check out their blogs to find out what parades and parties they are attending. WWOZ will be riding in Zulu, so look out for the broadcast truck during the parade and check back occasionally... Read more

Mardi Gras & Valentine's Day 2008 Theme Shows

Wed, 01/23/08
Grammy Nominees For The 50th Grammy Awards Consecutive Mondays in January — "Jazz from the Market" — from 4 until 7 p.m. New Orleans Time Charles “Charlie B” Burchell will feature the music of the Grammy nominees for the 50th Grammy Awards. Tom Morgan’s Annual Mardi Gr... Read more

The Wild Mohicans

Thu, 08/16/07
Authored by David Weinberg
This is the story of the history of the Mardi Gras Indians, and a glimpse at one tribe in particular and how they are working with other tribes to keep the tradition alive in the city of New Orleans. In this piece we hear from the members of the Wild Mohicans as well as C... Read more

Sweet Home New Orleans

Thu, 05/31/07
Authored by David Weinberg
Sweet Home New Orleans (SHNO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing the music and cultural community within the neighborhoods of New Orleans by helping our tradition bearers secure stable, affordable housing. SHNO is a collaboration of service providers th... Read more

White Buffalo Day Celebrations Take Place on the Anniversary of Katrina

Tue, 09/12/06
Authored by George Ingmire
This year, the spiritual celebration of White Buffalo Day fell on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. WWOZ DJ and Street Talk reporter George Ingmire reports on how that coincidence gave a special gravity to the performances and rituals enacted by Mardi Gras Indi... Read more

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