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Reflections on The Detroit Jazz Festival

Sun, 09/13/09
Authored by Charles Burchell
Last week I had a "killing two birds with one stone" trip. I got a chance to visit with one of my oldest friends, Leon Anderson and his family, in Detroit, Michigan. And I also got the advantage of attending all four days of the Detroit Jazz Festival. Unlike our very famous... Read more

You Lie!

Sat, 09/12/09
Authored by Jamie Dell'Apa
Another not-so-special show by Jamie using topical sound clips and music about "lying" to prove ... Well wait, this requires some background before the blockbuster news story of the year: During the last week's joint session of Congress, Congressman Joe Wilson heckled Pre... Read more


Tue, 09/08/09
Tune in Wednesday night September 9th (09-09-09) for a special "Number 9" show celebrating the number nine. Join us at a special time of 9:00 p.m. as we play music with a NINE association. We may even spin some backwards. Does this make it a 6 association????????? We will... Read more

HUH!!! Shout it loud - HUH!

Tue, 09/08/09
Authored by Jamie Dell'Apa
It started with that HUH! that was worked your core better than Pilates. It was the key ingredient in mambo music and the mambo was so popular that it worked itself into every musical style imaginable. R&B, blues, jazz and yep plenty of New Orleans music including the cla... Read more

Everything He Did Was Funky: Lee Dorsey - a radio documentary produced by David Kunian

Wed, 08/19/09
Authored by David Kunian
Everything He Did Was Funky: Lee Dorsey - a radio documentary produced by David Kunian has its rough mix premiere tonight - Wednesday 8/19/09 10 PM CST - on WWOZ 90.7 FM The documentary features Dorsey's many hits and should-have-been hits and commentary from... Read more

Possible Big News for Wednesday 8/19/09

Tue, 08/18/09
Authored by David Kunian
Possible Big News for the Kitchen Sink on Wednesday 10 PM with Jazz Lunatique sitting in for the Boudin Cowboy and AA. Stay tuned on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning for hot hitting announcement. Read more

Friends Get Together and Jam for Marva Wright

Mon, 08/17/09
Authored by Your Friend
Les Getrex, along with a galaxy of other New Orleans musicians, will play at Tipitina's on Saturday, August 22, as part of a 'Benefit Jam' for New Orleans' own Queen of the Blues, Ms. Marva Wright. Marva is recovering from two strokes that she suffered during the last few mont... Read more

Sturgis Riot Caused by WWOZ Host

Fri, 08/14/09
Authored by Jamie Dell'Apa
I've been away from the Petri Dish of all music, New Orleans for the last three weeks. I'm on a Hajj to the source of the flushes that come out of my New Orleans tap.  Yep, I'm above the headwaters, all the way to the continental divide - Yellowstone, Tetons, Boulder, Colo... Read more

Grandpa Elliott Plays & Sings on Colbert Report!

Thu, 08/13/09
Authored by Mike Kobrin
Those of you who frequent the French Quarter know Grandpa Elliott's soulful voice and unique harmonica playing from hearing him on a corner on Royal Street. Or perhaps you tuned in to our live broadcast of Mark Johnson's "Playing for Change" project last month, which featured ... Read more

Join us August 12 as we celebrate National Vinyl Record Day on the Kitchen Sink 10 to 12 Show

Wed, 08/12/09
Join us as we celebrate Vinyl Record Day on the Kitchen Sink 10 to 12 Show Wednesday August 12th at 10:00 p.m. Those begging for a bit of trivia will be happy to know that this also happens to be the day that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. According to the... Read more

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