In Memoriam: Baylor “Bemmie” Banis

Published on: August 13th, 2023


Baylor "Bemmie" Banis


Bemmie & Dad
Written by Melissa Milton

The WWOZ family was greatly saddened to learn of the untimely passing this past April of one of our own, Baylor “Bemmie” Banis.

A graduate of NOCCA, Bemmie blazed into our world in 2014 while still in high school when they knocked on the door of the OZ sound truck at French Quarter Fest, curious about how to record live music. Through their insatiable curiosity and hard work plus a healthy dose of fearlessness, Bemmie was soon assisting with live recording production and video editing as an intern, along with other volunteer activities.

As if they had a stunt double, young Bemmie was also at this time choreographing street dances and creating dance competitions here in New Orleans. These events caught on like wildfire. Bemmie was a dancer but more so, they were a connector of people, a supporter of everyone who crossed their path - and there were many who did. For their 16th birthday, Bemmie’s parents bought them the event insurance they needed and wanted!

“Something about tomorrow will always be brighter.”

~ Baylor "Bemmie" Banis

Baylor took all of the many lessons learned as a teenager and, after graduating NOCCA, they pursued another of their many passions - electronic sports. They began running e-sports tournaments all over the world - from their basement room in the family home in the Gentilly neighborhood. Eventually, the international gaming company DreamHack recruited them, putting Bemmie in charge of events all over the country. Imagine a convention center with over 1,000 computers and tens of thousands of attendees, all gaming - Bemmie produced these competitions for DreamHack on that scale.

If we are to measure a life not by the number of days lived but by the number of people touched in that life, then Bemmie lived a thousand years instead of only 26.

We will keep Bemmie's spirit with us always and take to heart their trademark motto: Dream Big, Be Kind.

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