A message from Jennifer Brady

Published on: March 18th, 2022

The end of 2022 will make ten years of volunteering at WWOZ and I love it more all the time. No matter what’s going on in life - whether it's hurricanes, holidays, heartbreak or when everything is perfect - WWOZ is my favorite relationship and the best part of closing out the week.

Outside of volunteer life, I work in Artificial Intelligence and I want to tell you that WWOZ Show Hosts play music that resonates with me more than any picks made by the technology on music streaming platforms. WWOZ hosts never steer me wrong and I am always learning from them. 

I love the WWOZ Two-Week Archive. I tell people about it all the time! The archive is truly a treasure because whenever I miss one of my favorite shows, I can go back and make sure to tune in.

I give to WWOZ because it is so fabulously eclectic! I’ve met people who say “I only listen to Gospel.” And I tell them that WWOZ has a show for them! Some people say they don’t really listen to Jazz, and I tell them WWOZ has funk and reggae and Cajun music! There really is something for everyone. My show, The Midnight Cap, is a kitchen sink show (anything goes!) that is heavily influenced by blues and R&B.

People are often floored to learn that WWOZ hosts are not compensated. Each and every show is a weekly labor of love. Join this wonderful radio family by becoming a WWOZ member today!

-Jennifer Brady, WWOZ Show Host
The Midnight Cap, Saturdays from 12-3am (late Friday night)

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