A match made in heaven

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Published on: October 9th, 2019

906 Carmen Conner Post and Tab Benoit

Carmen Conner Post and Tab Benoit
Carmen Conner Post and Tab Benoit

"The beautiful thing about WWOZ is the sense of community that it fosters.  That is what I find amazing about this radio station. 

"While we broadcast music that is mostly indigenous to Louisiana, it’s amazing to see people from around the world being brought together by something as pure and organic as these genres of music.

"For me, I would never have known about artists like Eddie Bo, Tab Benoit, Shamar Allen and others had it not been for OZ. (Tab doesn't know it yet, but he's my future ex-husband. Thank you WWOZ for introducing us!) Now I can’t imagine my days without hearing my dose of this fabulous music. And WWOZ not only serves the community of listeners, we also serve the musicians by promoting their music, old & new and working with other non-profits that also benefit our community of musicians.

"WWOZ invites you, the listener, to be a part of this family and experience the knowledge of our volunteer show hosts, the dedication of our small staff and the enthusiasm for the music that we all share. 

"Part of our mission at WWOZ is to preserve our musical heritage and honor all of the great New Orleans musicians. With losing some of our dearest treasures this year, there is no better time than now to help OZ by donating whatever amount is comfortable for you, to ensure we continue to fulfil our mission."

-Carmen Conner Post,
WWOZ Traffic Manager

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