WWOZ: A Constant Guide and Companion

Published on: October 6th, 2019

906 Marion Hill [Photo by Katherine Johnson]

Marion Hill [Photo by Katherine Johnson]
Marion Hill [Photo by Katherine Johnson]

"Everyday I am thankful for WWOZ, a constant companion and guide as I continue to discover, understand, and honor the roots of New Orleans culture through the sounds and stories of her rich musical history.

"As Assistant Video Director of WWOZ I am honored to be part of a team that works hard to appreciate and perpetuate New Orleans' most authentic and sacred sounds and voices. For our project 'JAZZ FEST AT 50' this past year, I spent months working with archival recordings and photos to create more than 40 videos recounting the one-of-a-kind history Louisiana’s Jazz & Heritage Festival for our audiences. See that work here: https://www.wwoz.org/topics/jazz-fest-50.

"There is so much here to learn and be inspired by, and it is with great gratitude and pride that I serve WWOZ in helping connect New Orleans' musicians—the old and the new—to the listeners and appreciators of the world. It's the faithful support and love of our MEMBERS that helps the WWOZ community thrive and build on its mission. Thank you!" -Marion Hill, WWOZ Assistant Video Director

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