Jamie's Vacation Brawl

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Published on: August 14th, 2009


Biker at Sturgis
Sturgis Versus Southern Decadence


Group photo of bikers all with the same look
Sturgis Motorcyclists Listening to My Welcome Speech Just Before The Brawl
I've been away from the Petri Dish of all music, New Orleans for the last three weeks. I'm on a Hajj to the source of the flushes that come out of my New Orleans tap.  Yep, I'm above the headwaters, all the way to the continental divide - Yellowstone, Tetons, Boulder, Colorado, and Pine Ridge, South Dakota.     Plenty of wildlife here in the wilderness but the big event was when I was front and center of a huge bar brawl/riot in Sturgis, SD.   It actually started about over 100 miles away from Sturgis as I had at least 500 motorcyclists trailing my Smart Car.  I'm sure I saved all those guys plenty of speeding tickets because I was at least fifteen miles per hour under the speed limit.  They showed their thanks by consistently hand-signaling that I was "number one" as they paraded past me on the very short straight sections of road between dangerous blind curves.  The ones that didn't pass me must have loved following me because when I stopped at a bar most of them followed me right in like a bunch of lemmings.  I gave them a big Louisiana welcome and told them I hadn't seen so many hairy-backed, battered performers in leather chaps and leather head scarfs since Southern Decadence.  To win them over I told 'em I thought they should have the right to marry each other and holy Christ all the sudden a fight broke out that looked like the final scene in Blazing Saddles.  I guess some relationships just work better without a marriage. I will circle back to New Orleans but probably not for another week.  By that time, I expect a cat five in the Gulf to make my contra-contra commute into New Orleans completely traffic-free.  In fact, that'll be about the time those same Sturgis guys start hanging around Quarter.  Unlike Sturgis, I don't expect any fighting in New Orleans.  By Southern Decadence those folks in leather always seem to have more than made up. I'll be back for my Saturday at midnight to Sunday at 3am (drunk) drive time shift around the third week in August. Klaatu Barada Nikto and Bar Ram You to you too, Jamie  

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