Bonnaroo Day 2

Published on: June 14th, 2009


Hillbilly Delux Ridin-N-Style


Decissions, decissions, David Byrne performs Friday night on the Which stage as the Beastie Boys performed at the What stage


My neighbors Tennessee R.V. "Stella Blue" . "Neighbor, neighbor don't worry what goes on in my home"


Hulla Hooping


This years Saturday night headliner Bruce Springsteen "La Boss" and the E Street Band performing at the What stage. Bruce stuck around on Sunday and...
This is actually day 3 but the second big day with the days blurring together. After catching David Byrne and the Beastie Boys on Friday night I decided to head back to camp 1 and get some rest and missing Femi Kuti, Phish and Girl Talk. Woke up to a shot of Tennessee moonshine for breakfast from one of my neighbors this beautiful Saturday morning here at bonnaroo. After working on my project for a couple of hours I hung around camp 1 watching the A T & T live webcast. Caught Lucinda again after seeing live on Friday and after a little nap woke up to Elvis Costello joined by Allen Toussaint on the webcast. Decided to get ready for the Boss. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were the Saturday night headlining act. 3 hour show with many of the faces an older crowd. Walked back to camper to switch flash recorder over to Radio Bonnaroo and decided whether to call it a night or stretch Saturday out a little more. Maybe I will go check my neighbor out again. Check back for details!
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