Wacko Wade and Little Freddie King on WWOZ

Published on: March 8th, 2024

906 Wacko Wade, Little Freddie King, and WWOZ's Andrew Grafe [Photo by Kichea S. Burt]

Wacko Wade, Little Freddie King, and WWOZ's Andrew Grafe [Photo by Kichea S. Burt]
Wacko Wade, Little Freddie King, and WWOZ's Andrew Grafe [Photo by Kichea S. Burt]

WWOZ is the window to the World for New Orleans and Louisiana music. When Little Freddie King started recording again in the early 90s, it was Jerry Brock and DJ John Sinclair that came to us and introduced our “Gut-Bucket Blues” to the World by way of WWOZ. After many years of playing on OZ, Freddie was honored to be selected by the station as "Guardian of the Groove."

With that in mind, It is extremely important that we support our radio station with your generous contribution to the fund drive this week. You need to own a little piece of Louisiana music culture by being a member of WWOZ. Remember, charity begins at home and this radio station Is home to hundreds of talented musicians waiting to be acknowledged in this competitive World.

I am not just asking for local support. I am asking for our music friends across the U.S. and especially, Europe who love our food, culture and entertainment, short story, me, and Freddie were on a 30 tour of France back in the early ‘90’s. I was staring out the window of the bus and notice a car along side was waving at us. When the car passed the bus a little, I was blown away by seeing a WWOZ bumper sticker on the car. I immediately pulled Freddie to the window and showed him. He said, 'That’s a tuff frog to swallow.' It’s amazing the far reach our music has and I thank all the program directors that put up with musician’s bugging them for air play. Only in the Queen City of the South would you find the Queen Radio Station of the South.

WWOZ’s list of program directors are the most dedicated people you can ever hope to find. Very accommodating pleasant folks, all around. They all have one thing in common and that is they are music lovers. That’s why your contribution to the station is important because it keeps them smiling and playing a boundless plethora of sound and music that entertains and enthralls WWOZ listeners. I am Little Freddie King the old blues master and I encourage you to JOIN THE FAMILY. One nice donation, that’s all, at wwoz.org/donate.

-"Wacko" Wade, drummer for Little Freddie King

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