The Rumble

The Rumble ft. Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr. features six Grammy-nominated musicians and is led by Second Chief Joseph Boudreaux, Jr., son of the legendary Monk Boudreaux and heir to several layers of musical and Mardi Gras Indian traditions. With Boudreaux, of the Golden Eagles, at the helm, the Rumble also includes Aurelien Barnes on trumpet, Jose Maize, Jr. on trombone, TJ Norris on bass, Ari Teitel on guitar, Andriu Yanovski on keys, and Trenton O’Neal on drums. As the band puts it, on Mardi Gras morning, before one sees the Black Masking Indians’ intricate, colorful beadwork, one hears is the music and chanting from the back line, known as “the rumble.” The Rumble pays homage to the New Orleans grooves laid down by the Nevilles and the Meters, and presents the visual and interactive appeal of the Mardi Gras Indians and their traditions to new audiences.

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